Friday, November 13, 2009

Another post about kids

Reasons I'm glad I have kids:

1) Because when the younger daughter witnessed a commercial for two-for-one suits at Men's Wearhouse, she said, "If it were me, I'd get one suit that fits me now, and a way bigger one for when I'm old and fat."

2) Because it gives me a reason to buy cheese goldfish, juice boxes, Pop Tarts and Harry Potter movies, and visit Santa Claus.

3) Because it's toughened me up after receiving inadvertent head butts to a certain part of my anatomy over six hundred times. What would begin as an enthusiastic hug from a toddler, ended up with that toddler gazing down at a grown man in the fetal position.

4) Because I still occasionally marvel at being called, "Dad."

5) Because prior to having children, I hadn't yet become an award winning travel agent, specializing in guilt trips.

6) Because the younger one aspires to be a bartender. And no, I did not suggest that career choice.

7) Because the older one has taught me patience, calmness and the benefits of obsessive compulsiveness in sporting endeavors.

8) Because we need someone to water the plants when my wife and I go back to St. Thomas in 2020.

9) Because my kids exposed the injustice when High School Musical III didn't beat out Slumdog Millionaire for Best Picture.

10) Because I see a little bit of my mom in each of them.


  1. Is ST. Thomas a cemetary or the U.S.V.I?

  2. Very good question, Heidi. I'll have to let you know.