Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tim Magazine's Decade in Review

I think I've used "the two-thousands" the most frequently as the tagline for this past decade ("zeros" is even worse), but that term doesn't flow the way "eighties" or "nineties" does. I suppose "teens" is a slight upgrade, even though we're not really in the teens for three years.

Anyway, just a few happenings and observations from my shallow pond over the dawn of the new millennium:

1) George Bush thrust himself upon our world for eight years.
OMG. LOL. I've finally just begun relaxing that specific muscle group that used to tighten every time he spoke.

2) Digital music changed my life.
Finally, I didn't have to purchase the entire Barry Manilow CD; I only had to download...maybe, Mandy and Copacabana. Okay, I downloaded the whole CD.

3) My wife earned Bachelors and Masters degrees and currently teaches fifth grade.
All along the way, she never sat back and basked in her accomplishments; she pushed forward. It's great to see her doing what she loves.

4) My daughter's elementary school nearly closed, due to budget cuts.
This was my inaugural attempt at persuading elected officials, and only after speaking with five school board members, did I realize that they put on their Dockers one leg at time like everybody else. And just as a side note, I spotted the superintendent at the Nordstrom Rack yesterday, along with her husband. They appeared quite happy, which is nice.

5) My sister's novel was published: Also Known As Harper, by Ann Haywood Leal.
This was another life-long dream realized during the past decade by a family member. The book's target audience is fifth to seventh graders, but it's a great read for young and old alike. Also Known As Harper is available online and at most bookstores other than the adult variety.

I'd like to know other folks' favorites for the decade are, so if you feel like it, comment here or email me with your highlights and/or lowlights.

Well, I'd better go. 2010 is on call waiting.

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