Monday, June 13, 2011

The Day I Got Back My Yo-Yo.

" more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks."

"Finally, I won't be a kindergartner any longer. No more naps and I hereby vow to return as a non-thumb-sucking first grader. Will, too!"

"I'm going to dress up, not like the first day, but more than usual, so she'll remember this vision of me all summer."

"Ah, decent. This is the last day I have to sit by Brian, who smells like toast, plus I get my confiscated yo-yos back."

"I can start next year with a clean slate and know that it's been at least a year since I accidentally wet my pants during reading group. Next time, don't be polite. Just go, man."

"Why do we always have to race each other on the last day of school? I don't need any more 'participant' ribbons."

"Somehow, I'm going to have to sneak The Happy Hooker out of my desk."

"I should take advantage of my big dog status, because next year at junior high, I've heard you have to poo standing up or you'll be attacked by ninth graders and given a swirly. I'll  practice this summer."

"No smoke-filled school buses for three months. Hallelujah."

"Let's see what she wrote in my yearbook...she thinks I'm cool (good, I guess), she thinks I'm funny, (good, I guess), and she thinks I'm cute (bingo!). She says I'm not like the other guys who she'd go out with. I'm much more than that; I'm a good friend. (Shit)."

"Wow, I've known those four since kindergarten, those three over there since second grade and him and him and her and him since fourth grade. Unbelievable. Okay, I've got to walk straight or this cap's going to fall off. Oh, my god. There's the music..playing for us this time. Don't cry, you fool. Here we go."

School's out.

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