Monday, July 20, 2009

As long as there's cheese on it.

Phrases I don't like as an adult:
1) You should have that looked at.
2) How's your workload?
3) Dad, you're just a little bit fat.
4) You need to call home right away.
5) Smell this, it's definitely rotten.
6) I'll set the alarm for four.

Phrases I didn't like as a kid:
1) Put on that shirt grandma bought you.
2) Just try some. It's got cheese on it.
3) Tim, you should run along now. Jeff has a friend coming over.
4) Change the channel to the
5) I know her house smells like split pea soup all the time, but she's a nice old lady and it's only three days.
6) I'll set the alarm for four.

1 comment :

  1. Nice old lady house smell: boiled cabbage, boiled onions, boiled potatoes, possibly some corned beef underneath...designed to mask the odor of incontinence. Or commingle with it...hmmm?