Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farewell, XLVI

Sentences I enjoyed hearing at age 6:
1)" Let's get ice cream."
2) "Your brother is staying with Grandma for the weekend."
3) "Okay, we're all done. No cavities. Go ahead and pick something out of the toy box."
4) "I saw your sister pinch your ear with her fingernails. She's been spanked."
5) "Hey, kids. Get in the car. We're going to Shakey's."
6) "Class, this year we won't be climbing the rope in P.E."

Sentences I enjoyed hearing at age 46:
1) "Let's get ice cream."
2) "Dad, if I don't have a date to the prom when I'm in high school, will you be my date?"
3) "NBC News projects that Barrack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States."
4) "I got the job teaching 5th grade."
5) "Dad, your bald spot looks smaller today."
6) "And there goes the helicopter, taking one final pass over the White House."

It's been a good year.

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  1. Happy happy birthday, my old little brother. And I NEVER got caught; I was much too sneaky...