Friday, August 7, 2009

My emerald home

A few stereotypes of those of us who live in Seattle:
1) We don't own televisions, but if we did, they would have rabbit ears, be made of compost and only show PBS fundraising pitches.
2) We bike everywhere, even inside our houses.
3) Our kids are named Water or MossAnne or Hummus. No middle name.
4) We all live down the street from Eddie Vedder.
5) Give us your pet's old fur and we'll recycle it into kayak lining.
6) Grey hair is a sign of enlightenment. Silver hair is a sign of divinity. Silver hair with a ponytail is a sign that you've just moved from Portland.
7) We'll be really nice to you until you leave, then we might say a few things about your dog's outfit.
8) We possess recycling containers for food waste, yard waste, non-food waste, non-yard waste and part-food-part-yard-part-not-food yard waste.
9) We really want to eat a Quarter Pounder With Cheese.
10) The high schools don't keep score in any sports, and everyone gets cheez-its and a juice box, after running through the parent tunnel.
Those are just a few of our perceived traits. It really is a great place to live, as long as don't drive in the hybrid-only lane with your smart car.

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  1. Don't forget that all those recycling containers need to be the proper color and purchased from either PCC or Whole Paycheck (oops, I mean Whole Foods). God forbid you stop in at a Walmart to get disposable diapers and find some recycling containers on sale. Oh, wait, Walmart doesn't carry recycling containers in the proper colors.