Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey, Dad, how come there isn't a Kids' Day?

It seems like, every time Mother's or Father's Day rolls around, one of the kids remarks, "Why isn't there a Kids' Day?"

Our standard response, which I'm sure matches most parents', is "Every day is Kids' Day." We moms and dads own superior skills vis-à-vis  pulling out the guilty stick and waving it with the skill of Luke's light saber when we feel the need.

The fact is, Father's Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to feel grateful for these pesky, little creatures who spend most of their time up in our grills. I learn so much from them, on a daily basis, and I often spend far too much time immersed in daily routines to really listen to what they're saying.

"Dad, I feel sorry for racehorses. What if they don't like running in mud? They have no choice." I heard this yesterday when my brood and I went to the local track with friends." Are the jockeys nice to them?"

Naturally, I couldn't answer either question, which made me wonder what the truth was. We've already decided to not attend any more circuses as the result of conversations like this.

"Dad, you should hug mom. She looks like she needs a hug." Another piece of solid advice given from my compassionate younger daughter one Tuesday evening.

"You're absolutely right. I'll do that."

So, fellow dads, today, on this 100th Father's Day (which I just looked up), let's celebrate our kids, too. Without them, chances are we'd be those slightly self-absorbed, immature males we were before they came along to set things right.

Happy Kids' Day!

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