Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just a few summer devotions

Today is such a glorious summer day in Seattle, I'm a little overcome. I try not to get too sappy or artsy in my posts, but I just couldn't help it this morning, with summer's epic splendor encompassing my very being.

Since I'm so inspired, I couldn't let my poetic urge go to waste, so please, enjoy some summer verse. I'm really quite proud of it.

A summer haiku:

Sweet lime Popsicle.
Sitting on the baking porch.
Wood stick too far; gag.

A summer limerick:

There once was a Popsicle lime,
which always made summer sublime.
While wolfing it down,
while going to town,
I gagged on the stick every time.

A summer couplet:

It's my favorite summer treat, I believe.
But that wooden stick made me heave on my sleeve.

A summer Dr. Suess-inspired poem:

Gill the Grenegrorb loved everything green,
From broccoli to lima beans to green jelly beans.
But his favorite of all was the Popsicle—true!
Except for that wooden stick,
Made him hurl it up—ewww!

I'm sorry. I really must go out and roll around on my dried up lawn now.

I love you.

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