Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two dudes in the lunch line.

"Dude, what is this?" Chad's face contorted as the food splattered onto his plate.

"Dude, apparently it's Salisbury turkey, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday," replied Justin, betraying a similar look of disgust. The two slowly shuffled down the cafeteria's serving line.

"Dude, I don't want to be a hater, but this looks more like Salisbury doggie food. It totally salts my game, bro." Chad hoisted his tray as the server reached across with a plastic bowl of raspberry gelatin with slivered carrots.

Justin waved off the server's offering when his turn came. "No, thanks, homes. I don't mix my fruit with my veggies." He and Chad abruptly snickered with perfect synchronization.

Chad, the more outgoing of the two, swiveled his head around to survey the partially-occupied tables which littered the expansive lunchroom. "Dude, don't look now, but that chick at three o'clock is totally mackin' on your form."

"Mos' def', dude," replied Justin, "but don't be such a newb. You know I wouldn't jump in the sack with anyone but my boo."

"My bad, dude." As they reached the conclusion of the food line, Chad examined his tray's contents. "Dude, I do believe we're looking at the gold medal winner for Worst Green Meadows Retirement Home Cafeteria Meal of 2053."

"I believe I concur, G."

From a distant corner of the hot, carpeted room came the excited shout of a young girl. "There he is, Mommy!" She locked eyes with the elderly man and rapidly slalomed around the tables, slamming into her grandfather's midsection and latching on tightly. "Happy Thanksgiving, Grandpa Justin!"

"There's my superfly grandbaby! Justin tried to straighten out his creaky body following the minor collision. "Careful of the hip, girlfriend. You've got some hella mad hugging skills."

"Grandpa, when are you going to stop sounding like it's still 2010? I don't understand your old man talk."

"Sorry, honey. When I get together with this guy, we tend to pull out the old street slang. Yo, Chad, baby girl and I are gonna bounce. I'll hit you later for a hook-up."

Chad nodded. "Word."

The little girl grabbed her grandfather's lunch tray and they slowly ambled to an empty table.

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